Name : Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories 11th Annual Convention
Date : September 23rd, 2014 8:00 am
Location : Crowne Plaza


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Web Development

It's time to expand your market through Internet. Your website will allow your business to break through geographical barriers and become accessible from anyone in the world with Internet access.  This is why you have to make sure that your website has all the positive characteristics to make it attractive and get the most of it. IT-Easy can help you on this.


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IT-Easy is a one-stop shop that can offer all your requirements related to your website. Following are some of the services we could offer to you:

  • Web design
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  • Domain name registration
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  • Internal Web Server setup in any operating system and with redundancy
  • User and administrator training
  • Photography
  • Effective project management



Proper communication with you regarding the following items can ensure smooth implementation of your website:

  • Purpose of the website
  • Website Design Concept
  • Site map
  • Scope of our services and  deliverables
  • Conditions on the project
  • Items excluded on the project
  • Project schedule




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IT-Easy shares the same goal with you, which is to have the most attractive website for your business. A website that is simple but attractive, easy to navigate and unique. We could be the best option to provide you your website. Contact us.