Name : Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories 11th Annual Convention
Date : September 23rd, 2014 8:00 am
Location : Crowne Plaza


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WebLIS Professional

WebLIS Professional is a complete LIS (Laboratory Information System) solution for hospitals, clinics and laboratories. It addresses your desire to have a paperless, computerized and automated laboratory processes.  WebLIS Professional has tools for:


  • Patient Profile Management
  • Test Orders Entry
  • Bi-directional interface with analyzers
  • MedTech Dashboard and Test Results Management
  • Test Results Releasing
  • HIS (Hospital Information System) Interface
  • BBIS (Blood Bank Information System) Interface 
  • Reports Generation
  • Administrators for system parameters and configuration
  • Support on non-LIS tests like urinalysis and fecalysis


WebLIS Professional has provisions for:

  • Test Result Online Viewing and Download
  • Auto-Sending of test results to Email


WebLIS Professional Advantages

  • —Ease of Use ensures that users even non-technical can immediately adapt to the system. Using WebLIS is simple as browsing the internet because its access is through internet browser.
  • Modular Design allows laboratories to pick certain features that they really require and will suit their budget
  • Only one WebLIS is required for multiple analyzer connections even located on multiple branches
  • Affordable Price. WebLIS is modularized allowing them to start with small system and expand as needed, and support multiple analyzers and multiple branches
  • Patient Care is the main consideration on the creation of WebLIS. Surely the system improves the test turnaround time. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and online releasing of test results provide convenience to the patients
  • —Proven interoperability with different diagnostic analyzers and third-party systems like Hospital Information System (HIS), HealthCare System and Blood Bank System is ensured through the support of open interfaces
  • —Performance and Scalability is provided through a modularized and distributed architecture that supports linear growth without affecting current services and capacity availability
  • —Rich in Reports generation either auto-generated by the system or by-demand of the users
  • Integration/Migration from current LIS can be possible depending on the cooperation and capabilities of current LIS. IT-Easy can customize and provide migration tools for data conversion from current to WebLIS
  • —Local Maintenance Support ensures the availability of the system most of the time.
  • —Quick Implementation and Upgrade is one advantage of WebLIS because it’s web-based.


Technical Specification

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Database: MySQL
  • Servers: 2 or 3 industrial-grade servers depending on volume of lab transactions
  • Interface: LIS 1 & 2, HL7 2.x & 3, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, SMTP, SMS, DB