Name : Philippine Council for Quality Assurance in Clinical Laboratories 11th Annual Convention
Date : September 23rd, 2014 8:00 am
Location : Crowne Plaza


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WebBBIS is a complete BBIS (Blood Bank Information System) solution for hospitals and blood banks. It addresses your desire to have a paperless, computerized and automated blood bank processes.  WebBBIS has tools for:


  • Donor and patient profile management
  • Donor medical history records
  • Donor initial screening
  • Clinical lab tests
  • Component preparation
  • Blood inventory
  • Transfusion
  • HIS (Hospital Information System) Interface
  • LIS (Laboratory Information System) Interface
  • Recall and incentives 
  • Reports Generation
  • Administrators for system parameters and configuration


WebBBIS Advantages


  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) for donors and patients ensuring information’s validity for their safety.
  • Better handling of workflow through computerization and automation improving the quality of services.
  • Ease of use for users even non-technical can immediately adapt to the system.
  • A fully web-based application for quick implementation and upgrade, less maintenance, and supporting any type of user terminals and operating system (OS).
  • Open System for integration with other third-party applications like LIS (Laboratory Information System) and HIS (Hospital Information System) supporting standard protocols like HL7.
  • Secured System assuring the integrity of the all data.
  • Availability of reports in graph and tabular format that can be exported to Excel or PDF helping administrators in the operation.
  • Performance and Scalability is provided through a modularized and distributed architecture that supports linear growth without affecting current services and capacity availability.
  • Linux Operating Systemensures system is a virus free and industrial grade system.
  • Hardware setup options from simple to high-availabilitysuch as RAID, database replication, and disaster recovery.
  • Satisfactory and local support ensuring the availability of the system.


Technical Specification

  • Operating System: Linux
  • Database: MySQL
  • Servers: Industrial-grade servers
  • Interface: LIS 1 & 2, HL7 2.x & 3, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, SMTP, SMS, DB